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Frequent questions and general information

Here you’ll find some of the frequently asked questions about Visualoop.

What do you guys do?

We feature the best infographics and visualizations published all over the world, talk with industry leaders and feature amazing portfolios of information designers. We also bring you the latest news, interviews, resources and projects that are published by the top blogs and websites, as well as the announcements by the top companies working in this field.

Do you accept guest posts?

Absolutely! If you like to write about any of the following topics, or want to share a “behind the scenes” of a specific visualization project, just send us a message.

  • Data visualization
    Infographic design
    Visual Journalism
    Scientific illustration
    Data Journalism
    Big data, Business Analytics and B.I.

Do you accept infographic submissions?

When we had our Tumblr we did, but after this happened we stop accepting infographic submissions.