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Country: Italy


Currently information and graphic designer at Marine Megafauna Foundation, Tofo - Mozambique - and information designer at TOMMI

I was born and raised in Milan in 1986, surrounded by pets & illustrated books and with a strong inclination for freehand drawing and collage since early childhood.

Divided between literature and arts, I attended a high school focused in humanities studies, but I also continued to feed a growing interest for illustration; when I was 16 years old I decided to start an evening school in graphic novel and illustration, a decision that was a turning point in my life.

After the diploma I studied Communication Design at Politecnico of Milan and I specialized in data and information visualization with Density Design Lab, a research lab focused on the “visual representation of Complexity”. My five years project, Food Atlas, gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and to identify the main guides for my professional future.

Having a strong inclination for environmental and social issues, I believe that one of the most interesting aspects of information design is the possibility to represent complex modern phenomena in order to show and share knowledge. In terms of style, I love working on maps and patterns.

I worked as an information designer and illustrator for The Visual Agency, and I collaborated with Tactical Technology Collective (NGO based in Berlin), Essential Works (UK publisher) and the DMI of Amsterdam.