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Country: Germany

City of residence: Berlin


Information design agency based in Berlin

The owner-managed agency Golden Section Graphics was founded by Jan Schwochow in 2007 and has since become renowned for its infographics on a national and international scale.

“Numerous publishers, media and economics clients have faith in our work: as infographic contractor, information designer, data visualizers, partner and advisor. We are not just designers but also editors and storytellers. The information remains in the foreground, the visual translation then follows in print, web or TV – static, animated or interactive. “

“The information graphic industry is reliving a Renaissance, infographics are becoming more and more popular. The reason for this is simple – infographics can inform quickly, factual and objectively. However the faster and more complex communication becomes, the more carefully data has to be treated. People are looking for guidance in the jungle of superficial and questionable information. Finding reliable sources to recite information accurately is becoming increasingly difficult. However a thorough and extensive research is not just a task, but a vital and key obligation.”

But for Jan Schwochow infographics are not just his job – infographics are his passion: On the 18th December 2010, Golden Section Graphics first issued an independent magazine entitled »IN GRAPHICS«. It appears once a year and covers 88 pages of ambitious content ranging from politics, economics, culture and entertainment – solely in graphic form. Schwochow, editor in chief and publisher of »IN GRAPHICS«, director of Golden Section Graphics and previously departmental manager of the STERN’s infographic section, had the idea to create a magazine that purely consists of graphics. A magazine for visual people.

Filled with very little text and vast graphic scenes it feeds off the experience of the entire Golden Section Graphics Team, who regularly work with renowned media giants such as Die ZEIT, New York Times Magazine and GEO. Aside from journalistic intuition, the creation of infographics require a lot of time and patience. The »IN GRAPHICS« editors deliberately take this time to bring out the features and emphasise with a passion for details. From time to time the editorial team invites external authors to contribute to the magazine. Previous writers in residence have been: Christoph Niemann, Jonathan Meese, David McCandless, Patrick They, Konstantin Voit, Kai Krause, John Grimwade, Nigel Holmes, Frederic Brodbeck, Carsten Nicolai, Jaime Serra, Bryan Christie and Sahra Wagenknecht.

“Clients rely on our creative team. It covers all the disciplines necessary in an infographic agency. Aside from numerous communication designers (infographic artists) we also have editors, 3D-artists, illustrators, programmers, animation designers, cutters and cartographers. Usually a single member of staff brings several skills to the table, which means that we always have a well rounded and prepared team. Should this not suffice we have a range of established and trusted freelancers. The team is completed by our project and office managers. They are the friendly ears for customer requirements and enable smooth and trouble-free procedures within the projects and the agency.”