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An explanatory interactive page on #sghaze

#SGHaze explained

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  • Title: An explanatory interactive page on #sghaze
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The haze in Singapore is back. We look at what’s causing it and how people living in Singapore can protect themselves from the ill-effects of the haze.

The first interactive element is the current pollutant standards index (PSI) in each region of Singapore as supplied by the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s API. The NEA provide a legend to determine current air quality ranging from healthy to hazardous but only for the 24-hour rolling average. We have included the 3-hour rolling average in a separate tab which the NEA also provide through their API but the air quality legend doesn’t apply to this index. There is much debate in Singapore about accuracy with many calling for a 1-hr spot PSI to be officially reported.

Underneath this, we have been collecting the historical 24-hour PSI rolling average data for every hour since Sept 1, 2015. This data is currently being scraped from the NEA website into a Google Sheet that is providing automatic hourly updates to this chart.

Then, we have a very unique CartoDB map. Using the resources available to us through the World Resources Institute (WRI)’s Global Forest Watch – Fires database (, we are able to connect a live dataset of NASA hot spots to the CartoDB map. We have also included near real-time wind direction data to show how smoke from the peat fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan are reaching Singapore.

Finally, we have a series of illustrations that were originally published in print to help explain this topic in more detail. Essentially, we have ‘recycled’ these very informative infographics into an SVG and responsive format.

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