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Are you ready for Smart Nation?

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  • Title: Are you ready for Smart Nation?
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Are you ready for Smart Nation?

In this game, which aims to teach readers about new technology that is part of the Government’s Smart Nation initiative, allows you to navigate ST’s drone around a 3D city landscape.

Zooming and gliding over the city, readers are asked to answer questions on certain topics where, if they answer correctly, they are able to collect badges and thus see just how ready they are for the near future.

Singapore has a Smart Nation vision covering many aspects of everyday life. Surprisingly, in some circumstances the technology is already in use – take a 360-degree journey on a driverless shuttle or learn about how 1,900 crimes have been solved thanks to cameras which use deep learning and artificial intelligence to detect anomalies.

Accompanying the game, there are six long-form articles explaining each topic in more detail from driverless transport to high-tech security to the government’s City in a Garden vision.

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