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Budget 2017: What’s on your wish list?

Budget 2017: What's on your wish list?

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  • Title: Budget 2017: What’s on your wish list?
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In the lead up to Singapore’s Budget 2017, this is a new take on the typical budget-balancing game. The aim of the game is to help inform readers about ‘fiscal sustainability’ in a visual way and in a context that could be understood, hence a supermarket theme was chosen.

For the game to work on mobile, the options have been limited to just 12 across revenue and expenditure. Each item is based on commonly requested budgeting concerns. All the items overall figures has been scaled to $100 to remove any confusion when using billion dollars/million dollars, although it is possible to see these overall figures upon going to the summary screen.

As soon as an item is added or removed, this immediately affects the overall figures so there is instant feedback for the users.

At the end and once the user has managed to bring the budget to surplus, they are able to “checkout” and are then provided with a summary screen to explain each of the chosen items in more detail.

So far the game has generated lots of discussion on social media and seems to have achieved its goal of visually explaining fiscal sustainability in a gaming format.

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