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Chicago’s Million Dollar Blocks

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  • Title: Chicago’s Million Dollar Blocks
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  • Dr. Daniel Cooper (Research)
  • Dr. Ryan Lugalia-Hollon (Research)
  • DataMade (Art Direction)

With roughly $8 billion in unpaid bills, the State of Illinois is facing a fiscal crisis.

Meanwhile, in 2015, Illinois committed $1.4 billion dollars to the Department of Corrections, and that number is on the rise despite declining crime levels.

This project was developed by Dr. Daniel Cooper and Dr. Ryan Lugalia-Hollon, with the guidance and hands-on support of DataMade (, a civic technology company that helps leaders and organizations tell their stories through interactive data visualizations.

It is inspired by the Million Dollar Blocks project by Laura Kurgan at the Spatial Information Design Lab in collaboration with the Justice Mapping Center. See it here:

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