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Exoplanets in Orbit

  • 1860
  • Title: Exoplanets in Orbit
  • Language: English
  • Nadieh Bremer (Full infographic)

This data visualization is a bit calculation heavy and might not load on mobile devices, I’m sorry

After my first venture into the “Storytelling with Data” with a Chord Diagram I wanted to created another piece where everything is already introduced at the start but where the audience has the option to be taken through an introduction if they want to. I felt that planets orbiting a star was intuitive enough to not intimidate people when they first view the page and see 400 exoplanets starting to move, but instead be captured by the movement and wanting to know more

This project took quite some time. Getting the elliptical calculation of the orbits, the gradients of each planet to rotate with their orbit so it appears as if the Star in the middle is shining, but also all of the Storytelling steps. But as an astronomer it was a lot of fun combining data visualization with the subject I spend 5 years on in University

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