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Journalism’s Voyage West

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  • Title: Journalism’s Voyage West
  • Language: English
  • Geoff McGhee (Design)
  • Yuankai Ge (Other)
  • Dan Chang (Other)
  • Krissy Clark (Research)
  • Geoff McGhee (Research)
  • Yinfeng Qin (Other)
  • Jason Wang (Other)
  • Jon Christensen (Editor)

A visualization of all U.S. newspapers published between 1690 and 2011. Taken from the Library of Congress’ “Chronicling America” directory , the interactive graphic plots approximately 150,000 titles, starting with “Foreign Occurrences, Foreign and Domestick,” which was published for one day in 1690 before being shut down by the colonial governor of Boston. Titles can be filtered by language (English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and many others), or frequency (daily, weekly, monthly). An animated version is available on my Vimeo channel.

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