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5 «Special USA elections, the guide to understand»

Speciale USA elezioni, la guida per capire

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  • Title: 5 «Special USA elections, the guide to understand»
  • Language: Italian
  • Sabina Castagnaviz (Design)
  • Marcello Valoncini (Design)
  • Cristina Pirola (Design)
  • Nicolas Vargas (Design)

«Special USA elections, the guide to understand»
An important insert inside the newspaper «Corriere della Sera» two days before the election. Divided into two parts for a total of 16 pages entirely composed of infographics. In the first part four issues have been developed: 1) who are the two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and their political career, 2) the History of the Presidents of America, from Washingtn to Obama, 3) The American electoral system and the identikit of the voters, 4) the road to the nomination, as they moved towards the votes the two candidates. In the second part other four topics: 5), State by State, the final duel, 6) the gap between the candidates, numbers and celebrities for both, 6) the most used words in the three debates live on TV, 4) the economy, health care and immigration according Clinton or Trump

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