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The Truth About T. Rex

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  • Title: The Truth About T. Rex
  • Language: English
  • Emily Cooper (Illustration)
  • Jasiek Krzysztofiak (Design)
  • Kelly Krause (Art Direction)
  • Richard Monastersky (Editor)

Even one of the best-known dinosaurs has secrets, such as: why the puny arms? Was T. Rex coverred in feathers, or even fuzz? Scientists are starting to unravel these mysteries, but questions remain. As T. Rex has historically been portrayed as a scaly creature, we thought it was particularly important to give readers a visual nudge toward the possibility that it may have looked vastly different. This consideration drove our choice in style, as we felt that the fuzz and feather possibilities should look as realistic as possible, to compete with the many wonderful scaly depictions commonly found in movies and other media. We gave this brief to artist Emily Cooper, who did amazing job bringing the fur, feathers, and scales to life with a 3D model that served as the center-piece of the graphic.

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