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Country: Chile

City of residence: Santiago


  • 2005 - 2015

    El Mercurio newspaper


Infographic designer at El Mercurio newspaper (Chile) specialized in Visual Thinking and Data Visualization.

“I joined the infographic department of El Mercurio just after I finished college”, said to us Juan Pablo. “Here, I develop information graphics for different areas of the newspaper, with a special emphasis in breaking news and special reports. During that time, I’ve been lucky to receive international recognition at Malofiej and also from the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP).”

My passion for infographic design led me to also seek a career in academia. I teach Information Design at the Universidades Diego Portales and the Universidad del Pacífico, I’ve been keynote speaking in several other institutions and events, trying, little by little, to share that passion, and hopefully influence others in to going deeper in their studies. I enjoy the feedback I get from students when we begin our journey into infographic design.”

Overall, I love the challenge of making complex issues more interesting and understandable, and even memorable, through the work of visual journalism. With this equation of design + information, we manage to reach entirely new levels of readership.