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Country: Brazil

City of residence: São Paulo


Art Editor at G1

My career as an infographic designers started in the Agência Estado, the news agency of O Estado de São Paulo media group. I have a degree in Industrial Design (FAAP university), and before I begun working with infographics, I moved around a bit, in advertising agencies and design studios, and even in a pharmaceutical company.

In 2000, a professor of mine (Paulo Sampaio, former art director at Editora Abril) pointed me to a job opening at Agência Estado, they were looking for an infographic designer, so I went for it.” Leonardo stayed there until 20006, when he had the opportunity to be a part of the first infographic department of G1, one of Brazil’s top online news portal.

I worked with Flash, trying to introduce multimedia elements, motion graphics, videos, sound and interaction with our reader. When Apple launched the iPad and declared “war” against Flash, we had to rethink our processes and invest in other tools and programming languages. It wasn’t easy, but time showed us we made the right choices. Because it was such an easy-to-handle resource, Flash allowed us to make all sorts of unnecessary (and even bad) projects, so when we got rid of it, it helped us mature and think more about every visualization or multimedia special.