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Country: Brazil

City of residence: São Paulo


Freelancer Infographic illustrator designer

After almost two decades leading the award-winning infographic department of Editora Abril, Luiz is now facing a new challenge, rediscovering himself and expanding his range of works – and clients.

“Something I’ve come to realize is that infographics can be used in many other markets, besides the editorial”, said Luiz to us. For example, he’s been working with some of the top advertising agencies in Brazil for the past couple of years, and not only with print, but also developing interactive visualizations for the internet and mobile devices. “The agencies love it, and I hope these first experiences are nothing but the beginning”.

His passion for illustration follows him since the age of five. “I used to draw vast urban landscapes being destroyed by gigantic monsters, influenced by the japanese films of that time. Obviously, I had no technique, I just let my imagination flows, and every one of my school text books – and even exams – were filled with drawings”.