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Country: Ecuador

City of residence: Guayaquil


Infographic designer at El Telégrafo newspaper

My interest in information graphics began when I was 9 years-old, when I accompanied my older brother (Teddy) to his work at the daily newspaper Expreso de Guayaquil. Drawings, newspaper articles, maps, tabulated tables were already catching my attention while instructing me on the world of visual journalism.

As a teenager, in some workshop I can’t recall, I remember browsing through one of the first volumes of Malofiej, where it was told the story of who was Alejandro Malofiej. The article was signed by Gonzalo Peltzer, great professional journalist who a few years later would come to Guayaquil as the Editor-in-chief at the newspaper of which I was an attentive listener and observe.

For a while I alternated my work with my studies in Graphic Design and Advertising at the Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral in Guayaquil, where I learned concepts which in some cases I had already put in practice.

In 2002, together with my brother we had the opportunity to work with the master Jaime Serra; each one of his tips helped to develop our vision of journalistic infographics. He was joined by Lucas Varela – and it was a treat for us in the newspaper to have those two sharing experiences and advises.

In 2010 I joined El Telégrafo, and in a couple of months, I proposed my own graphics and entire double pages that I initially drew out of my working hours. It was hard work.

It took time to achieve local recognition, and the global awards helped a lot. In my first year I decided to submit the newspaper works paying from my own pocket, despite not geting any recognition at that time, But perseverance led me to do the same the next year, and I finally had success. Now, for the past four years my work has been recognized with more than thirty SND awards and bronze and gold medals at Malofiej.

Throughout my career, one takeaway I can definitely share is that the design should serve as a means to clearly communicate information and not to hinder your understanding. We must be aware that its elements must be functional.

We should always keep in mind that in an infographic, the role of illustration is the same as that of information. It always helps me to think about infographic as a balanced combination between: a) information; b) image; and c) Design.