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Country: Costa Rica

City of residence: Washington D.C.


  • 2015 - 2015

    National Geographic Magazine


illustration + infographic + graphic designer + webgraphics.

I’m a specialist in information design with over 15 years experience in digital design, illustration and infographics. For six years I was Chief Editor of Infographic department of the newspaper La Nacion, Costa Rica, and for the last two years I was the Director in chief of
Infographics/Digital Design of GN Integrated Media, Costa Rica where we produced information displays for print and digital version.
During those years we've been awarded with gold, silver
and bronze Malofiej, Interantional Infographic Award,
Spain and awards for excellence by the Society for News
Design (SND) USA for print and interactive.

With CANALESGRAPHICS.COM, digital data design hub, I have developed information design projects for firms and
companies within and outside Costa Rica. In 2010 I was
part of the Malofiej 18 jury.

Since April 2015 I moved to WashingtonDC to join the team NGM / digital graphic as a Senior Graphic Editor.