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Country: Portugal

City of residence: Lisbon


  • 2016 - 2015

    O Jornal Económico

  • 2000 - 2016

    Diário Económico


Infographic designer @ O Jornal Económico (Portugal)

I´m now working for the new economic newspaper in Portugal: O Jornal Económico.

I was working for Diário Económico newspaper for most part of his career. He began in 2000 as a trainee, but in 2003, him and a few colleagues went to a workshop with Pablo María Ramírez Bañares and Mercedes Suíls, both well-known references in the editorial and infographic fields.

In 2007, his infographic about the Natural Gas Market won a Malofiej bronze medal, but Mário’s perspective on the whole ‘awards thing’ is crystal clear: “the most important thing is the daily recognition I receive from my colleagues and the growing importance of the infographic department inside the newspaper”.