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Country: Argentina

City of residence: Buenos Aires


  • 2011 - 2013

    La Voz del Interior


Infographic designer based in Buenos AIres

In Córdoba, Argentina, Matias studied industrial design in the National University of Córdoba. Then, he got a degree in Graphic Design in Siglo 21 University, where he also took a short curse about design and 3D modeling with photorealism.

His first infographics were about the topics that most interest him, especially cinema, soccer and sports. Then he made different works for two sport clubs: Sport Club Libertad and Athletic Club Unión, both from Argentina.

In 2011, Matias started to work in the infographics department of La Voz del Interior, in Córdoba. Under the guidance of Juan Colombato, they produce infographics about a lot of topics, such as shows, sports, news, events and anniversaries.