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Country: Russian Federation

City of residence: Moscow


Infographic designer

I was born in now non-existent/ defunct country the USSR, and while I was growing it has turned into Russia. My parents set a great importance on providing me a technical education, so my first specialty is Applied Mathematician (Engineer-Mathematician). As I have been drawing since my childhood I did not want to limit this to just a hobby, that’s why I entered The Moscow State University of Printing Arts before the technical university graduation. In this way my first education gave me logic, while the second one – composition and typography.

It should be noted that there are no specialized institutions in Russia training specialists in infographics. It’s only now that the first short-term courses and master-classes (from one day to two-weeks) begin to appear. Thus, I studied mostly by browsing my foreign colleagues’ works.

Upon graduation I worked as a packaging designer, sometimes doing instructions and icons. Then I set to work on TV channel “Culture”, dealing mainly with typography. It was there that realized what design I wanted to do and got an infographics designer job on a web portal, where I was supposed to transfer real-time tabular data into charts, maps, and other infographic compositions. That was a perfect booster of quick thinking and optimal choice of data delivery.

Then I was invited to The Moscow News Newspaper to organize an infographic department there. However, there were no other mechanisms for infographics production beside my wish. But gradually, I came to understand what exactly infographics I wanted to do, which resulted in serious projects. There were only four of them in the first year followed by already 12 in the next one.

To implement the idea we had to recruit more specialists and to change radically the approach to work. For that purpose I invited my fellow-student Kostya Kakovkin (icons and isometric bodies) and later illustrator Anton Marynsky to my colleague Alexey Ptitzin (graphs and charts specialist). I also replaced the infographics editor with Masha Potashova (her works have been presented here and here). At the end of the year up to the schedule we delivered 6 spreads (of the project) per month in addition to charts and graphs to newspaper articles. On average we had 2-3 working days for a project.

Even though I am quite green in infographics (I started to work in this field only in 2010), we have a lot to be proud of: in 2012 we won “Bronze” (NordStream) in Malofiej XIX, and in 2013 – “Silver” (Curiosity), the work “Safe Lift” won the nomination in the contest The 2013 HOW International Design Awards. And the newspaper itself has won one of the main awards: Judges’ Special Recognition, 15th European Newspaper Award and became the finalist of the contest POYi 2013 (Pictures of the year international).

Unfortunately, in December 6, 2013, RIA Novosti News Agency was closed, and from February on, the Moscow News Newspaper ceased publication.