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Country: Spain

City of residence: Barcelona


  • 2007 - 2015

    La Vanguardia


Infographic designer at La Vanguardia

“I was born in Valencia in 1981 and live in Barcelona. When I was studying graphic design, I had a bit of practice in layout, advertising and infographic design in the Valencia’s edition of El Mundo, where a few months after I started working. And although we could not devote full time to infographics, I was immediately fascinated by it. After two years of hard work, Juantxo Cruz, then the editor of infographics, began to ask me for infographics for the newspaper’s national edition and its supplements. From his team in Madrid, I remember how impressed I was with the works by Rafa Estrada, Mariano Zafra and Emilio Amade. “

“After two years of hard work, Jaime Serra, another big influence of mine before and after we met, invited me to join his team of visual journalism at La Vanguardia, in Barcelona, ​​where I’ve been for the past seven and a half years. During that time, I was rewarded by the SND, Malofiej and ÑH 14 times.”

“Infographic design is highly demanding and pushes you to constantly improve yourself. You could spend your entire life learning different ways of representing information. Seems inexhaustible and keeps growing, now with digital platforms breaking through fast. That’s the new challenge.”