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Country: Italy

City of residence: Milan


  • 1998 - 2016

    Corriere della Sera


Infographic designer at Corriere della Sera (Italy)

I went to an Arts High School in Milan and I attended a series of professional couses in Advertising Graphics. In 1994, when I was only 21, I started to work in a studio where exclusive infographic work was created for the two most important newspapers in Italy: Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello Sport.

I worked there for about four years, learning this wonderful job. In 1998 I was hired by RCS Corriere della Sera in the infographic department, where, after 18 years, I still work. I like my job because every day I can use my creativity to make more and better «Infographics».

I also love painting with oil on canvas, this is a big passion, and decorating. I’m passionate about decor in all its forms.