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Country: Italy

City of residence: Milan


Freelance Infographic designer

I was born in Milan in 1987 with a strong bent for illustration from a young age. Nevertheless, supporting a reasoned advice of my parents, I attended a high-school, which allowed me to study Latin, Greek and Philosophy and had a decisive role in what was to become one of my most important works, Minerva.

Later I studied Communication Design at Politecnico of Milan, and I specialized with DensityDesign (, a Research Lab in the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano, in data visualization, especially approaching to digital humanities. My five-year thesis, Minerva, that shows how data visualization represents a valid and effective contribution to the philosophical historiography, won 2013 Kantar Information Is Beautiful award.

Some of the aspects of my job that I prefer are especially to give a structure to the data that are submitted to me, identifying patterns and highlighting seemingly invisible though significant relationships among them, to design eye-catching graphics that manage to convey forcefully the contents, but especially to apply data visualization to other disciplines that may seem apparently unrelated to it.

Currently I am working as a freelance designer for US, UK and Italian Wired, Corriere della Sera (well-known Italian daily), Foreign Policy, Fast Company and Column Five, and I collaborate with DensityDesign and Accurat.