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Sci and Tech graphics - July

Series of posts showing the best of infographics in science and technology

August 13, 2013

This is the edition of July of my personal choice of infographics about Science and Technology. This month, the selection features a bit more down-to-Earth graphics that in the previous ones, with several graphics about life in the oceans and biodiversity.

If you follow us here on Visual Loop, you’ll probably recognize some of the graphics, because they have been featured on the weekly compilation This is Visual Journalism. Nevertheless being this a personal selection, I don’t mind bringing them again.

Here’s the full selection, hope you enjoy it!:


Knowing the Atlantic Ridley Sea Turtle – Estefani Casas


[Source] – also posted in [This is Visual Journalism]

The Dead Zone – Adolfo Arranz


[Source] – also posted in [This is Visual Journalism]

The path of food in our body – Ana Notte, Erika Onodera, Fernanda Silva

jornada boca adentro

[Source] – also posted in [This is Visual Journalism].

Bombing clouds – Oscar Huerta


The living fossil – Gustavo Alonso Ortiz



Inside a Neutron Star – Karl Tate



Sea Bugs – Joshua S. Weitz and Steven W. Wilhelm




Feel free to add  your suggestions of Infographics about Science and Technology in the comments!

Written by Susana Pereira

Susana Simões Pereira, maths teacher and PhD in science teaching and communication. I enjoy games and photography and I'm passionate for science and art, specially when together in the same context. You can follow my updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.