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10 Pinterest users that you must follow

If you're not convinced that Pinterest is the place for visual inspiration, check out this list.

March 18, 2014

Since it became ‘mainstream’ – sometime during 2011 – Pinterest has grown into one of the favorite Internet destinations for those seeking to explore visual content, in its various forms and shapes. Infographics, of course, are all over the place there – including a good part of our late Tumblr archive.

Despite this popularity – just check the results for “Data visualization” on Pinterest -, lack of time might be main reason why Alberto Cairo, Andy Kirk and others have a profile without anything posted there.

So, we decided to pull together a quick list of Pinterest “power-users” that are very familiar to most of us that keep up with the data visualization field. They update their boards regularly, providing users with less time for curating the Internet with an almost endless stream of inspiration and references. In this hand-picked selection, we left out, on purpose, profiles from agencies, news outlets and other organizations.

Here are our favorite Pinterest users, in data visualization and infographics (click through the images to visit the profile):

Christian Gross

Berlin-based Christian Gross is currently an Assistant Data Visualization Editor at He has over 4.700 pins covering not only information design and visualization, but also web design, architecture and interior design, among others. You can also follow Christian’s updates on Twitter (@christiangross), and check out his website.

Partial screen capture of Christian Gross' Pinterest gallery
(Christian Gross on Pinterest)

Jan Willem Tulp

Our friend Jan Willem Tulp is also quite active on Pinterest, with more than 3.400 images carefully categorized. Besides showcasing his work, Jan collects fabulous examples of visualizations, art installations, photography and many other topics. In case you missed it, we had the chance to interview Jan last year, and you can keep up with his updates also on Twitter (@JanWillemTulp).

Partial screen capture of Jan Willem Tulp's Pinterest gallery
(Jan Willem Tulp on Pinterest)

Santiago Ortiz

Another “power user” that we’re all familiar with is Santiago Ortiz. On Pinterest, he has 18 boards, ranging from fractals and long format visualizations to – one of our favorites – “sensitive chaos”. We also had the pleasure to interview him sometime ago, and you should definitively follow him on Twitter (@moebio).

Partial screen capture of Santiago Ortiz's Pinterest gallery
(Santiago Ortiz on Pinterest)

Lynn Cherny

The first woman in this small selection is someone we all know on Twitter (@arnicas). Lynn Cherny uses Pinterest not only to collect visual references about data visualization, but also in other subjects such as Oddities and Archaeology, and specially Food – some delicious Pins in here, consider yourself warned.

Partial screen capture of Lynn Cherny's Pinterest gallery
(Lynn Cherny on Pinterest)

Benjamin Wiederkehr

Interactive Things‘ co-founder Benjamin Wiederkehr also collects images not related to the data visualization field, organized in 32 boards. Of course, you’ll find hundreds of examples of interactive maps, information design in journalism and dynamic visualizations. You can keep up with Benjamin’s updates on Twitter (@datavis), and visit his blog

Partial screen capture of Benjamin Wiederkehr's Pinterest gallery
(Benjamin Wiederkehr on Pinterest)

Giorgia Lupi

Mixing a showcase of Accurat‘s work with inspirational references from fields such as geometry, arts and science, Giorgia Lupi‘s Pinterest account is also worthy of mention in this list. A total of 35 boards with almost 2000 pins, constantly updated. Giorgia is also on Twitter (@giorgialupi).

Partial screen capture of Giorgia Lupi's Pinterest gallery
(Giorgia Lupi on Pinterest)

Jen Christiansen

Despite being much less prolific in the use of Pinterest than all the others in this list, Jen Christiansen (@ChristiansenJen on Twitter), Art director of information graphics at Scientific American Magazine, managed to gather some very interesting examples of vintage visualization and scientific illustrations. We do hope to see these boards growing!

Partial screen capture of Jen Christiansen's Pinterest gallery
(Jen Christiansen on Pinterest)

Paolo Ciuccarelli

Another well-known name in the data visualization community that we had the chance to talk with not so long ago, Paolo Ciuccarelli (@pciuccarelli on Twitter) has collected a little over 230 pictures, many of which are related to some kind of “Vintage” topic. Some of the beautiful works of Density Design for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera are also available.

Partial screen capture of Paolo Ciuccarelli's Pinterest gallery
(Paolo Ciuccarelli on Pinterest)

Alberto Cuadra

The only full-time visual journalist in this list, The Washington Post’s Alberto Cuadra has been also using Pinterest to share his infographics and sketches side-by-side with other data visualization and art references. You can find more of Alberto’s amazing work on Flickr, and keep up with his updates on Twitter (@acuadra).

Partial screen capture of Alberto Cuadra's Pinterest gallery
(Alberto Cuadra on Pinterest)

Sha Hwang

We left for last someone who has clearly – and successfully – embraced Pinterest in a way far beyond the “power user” definition we’ve been using so far. With more than 5 million followers – that’s right, 5 million – Sha Hwang (@shashashasha on Twitter) has a bit of everything in his 78 boards. Not much more to say, just go there and prepare yourself to spend a couple of hours.

Partial screen capture of Sha Hwang's Pinterest gallery
(Sha Hwang on Pinterest)


Hope you enjoyed this list. If you’re on Pinterest as well, feel free to follow us there, and if you have another recommendation for users to follow in the data visualization community, let us know in the comments below.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.