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50 Olympic newspapers graphics - part I

The first post of a series of five, with stunning designs and graphics from newspapers across the globe

August 13, 2012

Now that the London Games are over, it’s time to start the clock for Rio 2016, the first Olympics ever to take place in South America. But as we say farewell to the 2012 Olympics, there is still room to look back at some of the most important moments of the past two weeks, many of which will forever be remembered in sport’s history.

Today, we start a special series of posts featuring some of the best newspapers infographics made around those special moments, those amazing athletes and those incredible sports events, that touched the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. These works, produced by infographic designers from all over the world, were collected from the News Page Designer network, a site for visual journalists and information designers.

100 days to London 2012 | Xinhua news agency

100 days to London 2012, by Xinhua news agency
(infographic: Estefan Cuanalo | Xinhua news agency)

Summer Sports | Times of Oman

Summer Sports, by Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics
(research, design & graphics: Antonio Farach; graphics: Sreemanikandan Satheendra Nathan; edition: Adonis Durado, illustration: Isidore Vic Carloman, Lucille Umali and Winie Ariany | Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics

A House Designed to Be Brought Down | The Wall Street Journal

A House Designed to Be Brought Down, by The Wall Street Journal
(infographic: Alberto Cervantes | The Wall Street Journal)

Olympics: Facts & Figures | The Waikato Times

Olympics Facts & Figures, by The Waikato Times
(infographic: Richard Parker | The Waikato Times)

The Olympic park | Eleytheros Typos

The Olympic park, by the Eleytheros Typos
(infographic: Zoe Katsigianni | Eleytheros Typos)

Ancient Olympics | South China Morning Post

Ancient Olympics, by the South China Morning Post
(infographic: Adolfo Arranz | South China Morning Post)

2012 London Olympics | San Mateo Daily Journal

2012 London Olympics, by the San Mateo Daily Journal
(image: Julio Lara | San Mateo Daily Journal)

Olympic Venues – The Olympic Park and the Aquatic Centre| Gulf News

Olympic Venues - The Olympic Park, by the Gulf News
(infographic: Hugo A. Sanchez | The Gulf News)
Olympic Venues - the Aquatic Centre, by the Gulf News
(infographic: Hugo A. Sanchez | The Gulf News)

Olympic venues – London 2012 | Népszabadság

Olympic venues - London 2012, by Népszabadság
(infographic: Dancsák András | Népszabadság)

Olympic Heroes of Guatemala in London | Prensa Libre

Olympic heroes of Guatemala, by Prensa Libre
(infographic: Julio Lago | Prensa Libre)

That’s it for Part I. Tomorrow we’ll continue this round up of newspaper infographics about the London Olympic Games, so keep watching this space.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.