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Data Viz News [38]

Find out which were our favorite presentations of the year!

December 21, 2013
Some of our favorite presentations of 2013

As promised, here we are with many of the presentations that were featured since April, week after week, in this space. Either hosted on Slideshare, Scribd or any other similar service, these presentations represent one of the most useful resources available out there. It’s only fair that we thank the authors for sharing their keynotes, workshops, book chapters and classes with all of us that are interested in the field of data visualization.

And there are a lot more of these ‘knowledge jewels’ – we’ve actually made, back in 2012, a first ‘sweep’ of 30 great presentations for people interested in data visualization (that paired very well with the 40 must-see videos about data visualization and infographics, and was quite popular among our readers). So, like in every other ‘picks of 2013′ articles, you’re invited to add your own choices for presentations that could be included in this post.

You can check all of our ‘picks of 2013′ posts here:

Today’s post is also the last one of the year, for us. We never get tired of saying it, but it has been an epic journey so far, and mainly thanks to you, who’ve shared our content, and contributed with an interview, portfolio or guest post. We know that the road ahead for us is just beginning, and hope you’ll keep being part of that journey, and have as much fun as possible while you’re at it. Thank you, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!

Now, here are the presentations we picked for this post:


Ian Lurie‘s presentation about the challenges of creating meaningful data visualizations.



Nathan Yau shares a chapter of his recently launched book, Data Points: Visualization That Means Something.


Alberto Cairo‘s presentation given earlier in the year at the Complexity & Context Data Journalism Symposium, in Berkeley.


The slides from Andy’s presentation at the New York Data Visualisation meetup event.


A new survey conducted by Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) and sponsored by Cognizant explores how consumer goods companies are approaching data management strategies and usage.


Irene Ros offers a deep overview of the d3.chart, a framework for building reusable charts with d3.js. There’s also a presentation Irene posted on Speaker Deck about this same topic:


Anna Gerber compiled a list of some off-the-shelf tools that can be used to produce data visualisations for Data Journalism.


A recent presentation to analysts in public policy, government, economics and related fields about how to give better presentations. An expanded version of the handout that was circulated with this presentation can be found on Jon’s website.


Emiland de Cuber found a clever way to promote her services by re-designing the infamous NAS/PRISM Powerpoint presentation.


This Scipy 2013 talk by Gael Varoquaux focuses on simple Python patterns to process efficiently large datasets using Python.


This keynote was presented at Hadoop Summit 2013 on June 26, 2013 by Sid Anand and Hien Luu of LinkedIn.


Swiss radio and TV station SRF asked Henk van Ess if data journalism can ruin someone’s name, and in this keynote he tries to give it an answer:


A keynote presented by Fusion Charts‘ founder, Pallav Nadhani, at the Hacknight organized by HasGeek, last June.


Practical tips from data journalism expert Paul Bradshaw, author of The Online Journalism Handbook. This presentation was given at the BBC Fusion Data Day, New Broadcasting House, July 2013.


A summarized version of one of the most exciting session proposals for SXSW Interactive 2014, related with data visualization. Public voting runs from August 19-September 6, 2013.


Flink Labs is a Data Visualization studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Ben Hosken, one of the founders, published this presentation with the following question: Can robot journalism help automatically annotate and describe what a viewer is seeing on data visualizations?


How to you visualize data happening in real time? This is the central question of Robin Richard‘s presentation that he just posted on SlideShare. (we noticed Slideshare has been having some stability issues, so this presentation may look offline temporarily).


A couple of presentations by Revolution Analytics’ US Chief Scientist Mario Inchiosa, and by the Director of Product Marketing Bill Jacobs. Mario gave a presentation on high-performance predictive analytics in R and Hadoop, showing how Revolution R Enterprise 7 will bring the high-performance predictable algorithms of ScaleR to run on Cloudera and Hortonworks Hadoop clusters, while retaining the same easy-to-use interface from the R language. Bill talked about the growth of the R language and some of the applications of in-Hadoop and in-database analytics with Revolution R Enterprise.


Liliana Bounegru, media researcher at the University of Amsterdam, spoke earlier this year about data journalism at a conference at Stanford University, focused on sourcing practices in data journalism. here’s the presentation:


Ember and D3 Interactive Dashboards” is the title of the talk by Sam Selikoff at the Boston D3 Meetup, in which he presented a thoroughly elegant approach to developing Web-based interactive data visualization systems. Curran Kelleher explains what this approach consists of.


This presentation by Paul Zubrinich was delivered at Social Media Week Berlin, in September. It was targeted at NGOs, NPOs, activist organisations and charities who have important key messages to share with the community.


A promo-slideshow published by Tableau, with tips and lessons for those dealing with data visualization.


Ola Henriksson‘s presentation for the #smartDEN conference in London, that we talked about here.


La Nation’s presentation at ONA 2013, by Momi Peralta Ramos and Florencia Coelho.


This is first contribution to the Neubot website by Giuseppe Futia, talking about the paper “Visualizing Internet-Measurements Data for Research Purposes: the NeuViz Data Visualization Tool”, written by him, together with Enrico Zimuel, Simone Basso and Juan Carlos De Martin, and presented at the Congresso Nazionale AICA 2013.


Presentation given at Big Data Spain Conference by the CEO and co-founder of CartoDB, Javier de la Torre.


A Big Data presentation during the “Inspiration Day” by The Reference – Emakina


Brian Pagels, Director of Data Services at Forum One, on how to better uncover and feature your data treasures in new and compelling ways.


That’s it for this last Data Viz News of 2013. We hope you have a great holiday seadon, and a superb 2014!!

See you all in a couple of weeks!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.