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#Dataviz Wishes

Funny, deep, impossible, outrageous: we all have our wishes for the next year

December 17, 2013

Data Viz wishes


I wish ‘Data Science’ was just Science, as ‘Data Journalism’ is just Journalism.

I wish ‘Open Data’ was bigger than ‘Big Data’.

I wish there was an “Information is Useful Awards”.

I wish there was a Pulitzer for infographics.

I wish Malofiej would become a Museum.

I wish every data visualization/infographic book would come with a MOOC.

I wish sites featuring bad infographics weren’t more popular than the ones featuring good.

I wish every time a news outlet published a bad chart, graphic or map on the Internet, it would lose a Google Pagerank point.

I wish newspapers and magazines would, once and for all, use SEO to its maximum extend, to take back the top results in Internet seraches – specially the images searches. I wish Matt Cutts would teach them how to do that.

I wish weather reports on TV also provided environmental data about deforestation, CO2 levels, ozone layer status, and others. I wish they stopped being a ‘map’ to become a ‘dashboard’.

I wish Michael Mann’s graphic was plotted on every NHL hockey stick. Hell, and the Earth in every ball in all sports.

I wish Bill Gates would buy the smallest paper in Africa and transform it into the continent’s ultimate news source. I wish he’d hired Steve Duenes to take charge of the graphics department and tell him “hire whoever you want”.

I wish the Pope was a data viz geek, and let David Rumsey, Paul K. and Michael Stoll access all the Vatican Archives. I wish he promoted Hackatons (or ‘Gospeltons’?) across churches around the globe, coordinated by Knight-Mozilla Fellows.

I wish Alberto Cairo was named U.N. Ambassador for information design.

I wish Santiago Ortiz’ website was one of the top 50 in the world. Ok, make it top 10.

I wish Tableau would buy WordPress and put Robert Kosara in charge.

I wish XKCD would make visual adaptations of Stephen Few‘s comments about data visualization papers.

I wish Data Stories was a video podcast. Better yet, a prime-time TV show.

I wish Moritz Stefaner was working on PRISMoto, alongside with The Guardian.

I wish the CIA World Factbook was made by Accurat (print version) and Periscopic (interactive).

I wish NASA would hire Jan Willem Tulp, Nigel Hawtin and Nicholas Felton to launch the ‘Curiosity Report’.

I wish Microsoft would hire Jorge Camões and John Peltier to take charge of the graphics in Excel.

I wish Robert Simmon would make a series of coloring books for children. Illustrated by Adolfo Arranz and Francesco Franchi.

I wish every public officer hired for his/her work with data visualization would be obliged to talk about the subject in classrooms. Once a week, in a different school. Forever.

I wish Andy Kirk‘s 8 hats of data visualisation design would come in some sort of ‘Matryoshka doll’ real nesting hats.

I wish “RAWs” was a movie – the data viz shark eating up poor little bad infographics, swimming careless in the Internet ocean.

I wish “D3JS” would replace 3CPO on the next Star Wars movie.

I wish “R” was a MIB.

I wish “ISOTYPE” had an evil twin.

I wish we could learn visualizations easier and faster – Matrix style.

I know d3js


And I wish you all a great 2014.


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Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.