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Our 13 most viewed posts of 2013

Find out what were the top articles here on Visual Loop

January 6, 2014


Welcome, 2014!

We’re back in action, after a couple of weeks of rest (well, kind of). And it’s only natural that we begin this year’s stream of content with a quick look back at which were the most viewed posts of 2013 – our first full year of existence, and with a couple of new special series about vintage data visualization, interactive maps and print infographics, not to mention all the guest posts, interviews and portfolios that we also published.

So, to keep it short in this first day of work, here are the 13 most viewed post of 2013 (according to Google Analytics):

1 – Interactive Inspiration [18]

Our most popular post of 2013 was the first Interactive Inspiration of that year. Every week, we feature over a dozen interactive data visualizations and infographics from all over the world. That means that we’ve shared hundreds of projects, and you can see out top one hundred of the year here and here.

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Global resolutions
(image: Global Resolutions | Google)


2 – The 30 data viz blogs you can’t miss – in one place

Back in October 2013, we updated our recommended blogs page and picked 30 blogs out of the hundreds out there that are worth following. Inspired by the awesome AllTop for infographics (although there are others out there, using the same approach), the Blog page features the three latest posts of each website in the list, via RSS. Visual Loop Brasil has a similar page, with 30 blogs in Portuguese, so if you’re from Brazil, Portugal or any other Portuguese-speaking country, that’s the place to go.

Blogs Visual Loop


3 – Data Journalism Awards winners

The Data Journalism Awards (DJA) is the prime international competition recognizing outstanding work in the field of data journalism. Sponsored by Google, the DJA 2013 received over 300 applications from all over the world, ranging from major media groups, regional newspapers, and research groups. When the winners were announced at the award ceremony held at the Global Editors Network News Summit, in June, we highlighted several of those projects.

Data Journalism Awards 2013


4 – The world map according to Twitter

The set of beautiful images that Twitter published, representing all the geotagged messages since 2009 in different cities and regions of the globe, was quite popular among the data visualization community. According to Twitter’s Visual Insights Manager Miguel Rios (@miguelrios), who wrote the blog post presenting the maps, “Those of us on the Visual Insights team are obsessed with the patterns that emerge from aggregated Tweets over time. A continuing curiosity is about the geographical shapes that surface in geotagged Tweets.”

Geography of Tweets
(The gallery of maps with geotagged Tweets | Twitter)


5 – Interactive Inspiration [44]

Another Interactive Inspiration round-up, and when you look at the projects featured in this one, it’s not hard to understand why this was one of our most popular posts of 2013: Glenn McDonald’s Every Noise at Once, the Startup Universe (a joint production by, Accurat and Ben Willers), and the Let’s free Congress visualization, just to name a few of the whole +20 examples we separated for you back in July.

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Startup Universe


6 – Portfolio of the Week – Matias Cipollatti

In 2013, we brought to you the works of many talented infographic designers from Latin America. In April, for example, Matias Cipollatti, one of members of the graphics department at La Voz del Interior newspaper (Argentina), shared some of his most recent infographics.

Titanic 100 years , infographic by Matias Cipollatti
(image: Titanic 100 years, by Matias Cipollatti, Juan Colombato | La Voz del Interior)


7 – This is Visual Journalism [45]

A good part of our posts in December was all about our favorite projects that came our way during the year. We picked 100 interactive maps (part 1 and part 2), digital maps (part 1 and part 2) and, of course, print infographics. The first part with 50 amazing examples of visual journalism was a hit among our readers, and made it into this list. And part two is here.

This is Visual Journalism [45] -  Some of the most impressive infographics of the year
(This is Visual Journalism [45] –
Some of the most impressive infographics of the year


8 – Digital Cartography [21]

In 2013, one of the new regular columns on Visual Loop that we launched was fully dedicated to interactive maps – a type of visualization that has gained popularity year after year. Initially as an extension of Interactive Inspiration, the round-ups published every Wednesday soon became very well received by our audience.

In this specific post, the main topics at hand were the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard and the conflict in Syria – but you’ll find much more in this huge list. And if you appreciate interactive maps, we have a Pinterest board filled with hundreds of them.

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Mass US shootings
(image: Mass US shootings | The Boston Globe)


9 – Inside view: The 12 Brazilian stadiums infographic series

The eyes of the World will be set on Brazil, this year. The country is receiving one the world’s top sports events, the FIFA 2014 Wold Cup. And after what happened in 2013, during the Confederations Cup, we can say that the expectation mixes with some fear that the massive protest that hit the streets of several Brazilian cities will occur again.

Apart from that, it was great to see that the post about how the award-winning infographic series by Estado de S. Paulo’s team came to live made into this list. Together with reporters Paulo Favero and Almir Leite, Eduardo Asta and the talented illustrator Jonatan Sarmento started working in this project about each one of the arenas that will welcome World Cup games, back in March, 2012. By June, they begun drawing the arenas, and in September the first one was published. By December, 12 double-page infographics, plus the online versions, had been released.

The series was praised by the readers, the online versions were also very impressive, and it was properly rewarded at Malofiej 21 with the Gold medal in the Portfolio category. In addition, the infographics about the Maracanã and Mané Garrincha Stadium (seen above) were awarded with a Bronze medal each, in the print category.

Os doze estádios da Copa, série premiada do Estadão
(The twelve World Cup Arenas | O Estado de S. Paulo)


10 – Portfolio of the Week – Karsten Ivey

Another Portfolio of the Week that was really appreciated by our community. Throughout his journalism career, Karsten Ivey won many awards for his infographics, design and interactive infographic work. He has taught many Flash and infographics classes for high school students, college students and professional journalists. Karsten is the former award winning assistant graphics director for the South Florida Sun Sentinel. He is also the Region 3 director and board member for the Society of News Design, and married to another great designer that we’ve presented here, in 2012: Belinda Ivey.

(Karsten Ivey, one of our featured Portfolios of the week)


11 – Interactive Inspiration [49]

Again, an Interactive Inspiration post in this list. In this case, it helped a lot the mention that Costa Rica’s top newspaper, La Nación, made to it. One of the interactive infographics featured in our round-up was the one they created about the legendary robot Mazinger Z, and we really appreciate the nice words by Monserrath Vargas L.

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Mazinger Z
(image: La Nación)
A nice mention in Costa Rica's top newspaper, La Nación
A nice mention in Costa Rica’s newspaper, La Nación


12 – Vintage Infodesign [24]

We started 2013 with a brand new series of posts – one that rapidly became one of the favorites of our readers. Every Monday, we digg into the past of data visualization to pull together examples of old maps, charts, diagrams, cutaways, and infographics made previously to the 1950-60’s. You can browse through all of the vintage information designs in this Pinterest board.

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic The S.O.S. (1942)
(image: The S.O.S. (1942) | Fortune magazine)


13 – Infographics using photos: new blog from the Middle East

We’ve talked about the infographic scene in the Middle East a couple of times, like when the The 1st Persian Infographic Festival took place, or featuring works of information designers of the region such as Amr Elsawy or Maral Pourkazemi. It’s natural to assume that we’ll be seeing more and more projects coming from those countries in 2014, and in this post we mentioned a blog named Today Infographic, an infographic curation site, but with a special detail that caught our attention: they just post what the founder Saeed Farajnezam calls ‘Photo Infographics”.

Partial screen capture of the website Today Infographic
(image: Today Infographic)


That’s it for this first post of 2014. Again, our best wishes to all of you, and we hope this new year is as positive and rewarding as the last one!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.