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30 presentations about data visualization

Powerful insights from some of the top experts in infographics and data visualization.

September 4, 2012
(image: McGarrah Jessee )

There are a lot of great collections of tools, resources and tips about data visualization out there. We usually mention them on Twitter (under the hashtag #VLreads, in case you want to filter our stream) or Facebook (our Page and also on the Infographics and Data Visualization Group), and one thing we’ve noticed is that these lists don’t normally mention presentations – yes, even the ones done WITH PowerPoint.

During the past two years, we’ve shared on Tumblr several keynotes and presentations found on Slideshare that are, as far as we understand, extremely useful to anyone interested in data visualization. We decided to go trough the archives and do a little more research to come up with this list.

Hope you enjoy it!

Edward Tufte Notes

An amusing and stunning visual recap of an Edward Tufte presentation, captured and illustrated by McGarrah Jessee‘s Lauri Johnston.

The Value of Visualization | 12 Steps To Creating a Successful Infographic

When you think about agencies creating beautiful infographics, Column Five is immediateley one of the first names to come to our mind. Here are two of the presentations featured on their Slideshare channel – we especialy loved the tips on infographic creation.

The 8 Hats of Data Visualisation | Andy Kirk at Malofiej 20

These presentations are from recent talks by Andy Kirk of The 8 Hats of Data Visualisation is particularly interesting, and had a follow-up post here.

Not An Infographic

“Not An Infographic” is a short and provocative example of what has become known as “infographics” on the web. Shared last year by Jakob Jochmann, this presentation is a good way to understand the difference between infographics and, as he calls them, ‘Web Poster Art’.

The Value of Visual Thinking in Social Business | Thinking Visually | Social by Design

Well known ‘visual thinker’ and public speaker David Armano shared over two dozens of presentations in his Slideshare channel, and we picked a couple of our favourites.

Thinking Visually

View more presentations from David Armano

See What I Mean | Quest for Emotional Engagement: Information Visualization

Travis Isaacs and Stephen Anderson share some of their information design secrets, presenting information design and data visualization case studies, and identifying principles that apply to just about any project. After that, the latest version of Stephen’s “Quest for Emotional Engagement: Information Visualization”.

See What I Mean (Part 1)

View more presentations from Stephen Anderson

Visual Storytelling 101 | Visualizing the Agency of the Future

Another famous name in the infographics and data visualization field is Washington-based agency Jess3. The many presentations available make the visit to their Slideshare channel worthy, like these two we share here. In them, insights and observations about the key elements and mechanisms of visual storytelling, and how data, content and workforce are impacting and leveraging one another.

Visual Storytelling 101

View more presentations from JESS3

Visualizing the Agency of the Future

View more presentations from JESS3

Data Driven Journalism – Telling Stories Online

Peter Aldhous, San Francisco Bureau Chief of New Scientist magazine, shared his inspiring presentation about Data Driven Journalism and computer-assisted reporting and data visualisation.

Visual Content Marketing: Capture and Engage Your Audience

A joint presentation by Marketo and Column Five about visual marketing. The presentation walks the B2B marketer through the steps necessary to produce and promote great visual content. It also goes into the theory, history, and practice behind visual content. Related posts here and here.

Show me the data: How e-learning research can benefit dataviz design

An edited version of the presentation given by Bas Broekhuizen during the 2012 “Show me the Data” conference, in Amsterdam.

Infographic Marketing: Better Creation, Better Promotion

Scott Cowley‘s presentation on infographic marketing, including examples of best and worst practices in design, publication, and promotion, followed by his more recent talk on visual social networks and content marketing.

The power of infographics | Data and Entertainment

Back in 2010, Tiffany St James published a presentation about how infographics can be used to make difficult information easy to understand and why this is particularly important for government. More recently, she made available the “Data and Digital Entertainment” presentation given in June at UbiQ. This time, the central topic was how entertainment producers are using data to make programming and intelligent interaction between audience and viewer a more interactive experience.

Customer Acquisition through Infographics | Best Practices for Data Visualizations

The folks at share their thoughts about the power of infographics as a business tool and recommended practices for information design. More presentations available on their Slideshare channel.

Data journalism’s future: new sources, new opportunities | Making data journalism work

Data journalism expert and author, Paul Bradshaw, gave these presentations during this year, in events such as the BBC Data Journalism Day.

Data Journalism

The editor of Interactive News at The New York Times, Aron Pilhofer shares his thoughts on the role of data and intercative storythelling in modern newsrooms.

Open Data in the Newsroom: What’s the story?

Mirko Lorenz is a journalist/information architect and trainer, from Cologne, Germany. These are the slides from his talk at OK Con 2011. It provides a brief overview, then discussess barriers and challenges for data-journalism.

Data validation in the Digital Age

This presentation by Tom Johnson and Cheryl Phillips was made at the 2012 meeting of the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting, held in St. Louis.

Visual Literacy: Part 1 | Part 2

Another topic we care dearly here on Visual loop is the role data visualization can have in Education, and how should we prepare our children to cope with all the data around us. From the The Ohio State University, College of Education and Human Ecology comes a set of two presentations about visual literacy, non-linguistic representations and infographics. Among other things, it discusses strategies for helping students become proficient in creating and interpreting infographics, with special emphasis in elementary school science.

And there’s always room for the Olympics…

We couldn’t leave the Olympics out of this selection. The presentations brought here, however, don’t necessarly loose theyr use after the end of the games. The Society for News Design prepared a magnificent slideshow with historical Olympic newspaper covers, and Paul Bradshaw spoke about ‘scrapping data’ during the event.

Olympic Pages

Scraping the Olympics


Surely, many other presentations could be added to this list – JESS3 just released a whole new set that we mentioned here . We intend to write one or two follow-up articles, so feel free to send us your recommendations through the comments, Facebook or Twitter.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.