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Personalized data in the “visual” era

Investigate how the world around you has changed since you've been alive

October 17, 2014

In an era where personalized data is a trend, we can find several projects offering a personalized perspective of every kinds of things. TED talks like the one of Talithia Williams makes us realize how important is personalized data in our lives, for example, to  monitor and improve our health.

Countless mobile applications help us monitor our heart rate or our fitness programs.

But personalized data can also be used in different ways, and for less serious intents. For example, check the BBC’s new interactive project, Your Life on Earth, where you can:

“Find out how, since the date of your birth, your life has progressed (…) Investigate how the world around you has changed since you’ve been alive (…) Grasp the impact we’ve had on the planet in your lifetime” [1]

This project is also a great example of how infographics and other kinds on visual elements are essential to communicate information in an appealing and faster way. But you can take a look at “My” Life on Earth results to confirm it:



I hope you enjoy it!

Written by Susana Pereira

Susana Simões Pereira, maths teacher and PhD in science teaching and communication. I enjoy games and photography and I'm passionate for science and art, specially when together in the same context. You can follow my updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.