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20 infographics from 20 Brazilian publications

Just before INFOLIDE starts, a look back at some of works presented last year at the event

October 17, 2012

Brazil’s main infographic event, INFOLIDE, is set to open its doors tomorrow (18/10), in São Paulo. Among the many attractions, Jaime Serra, the Spanish infographic designer elected as the best of the past 20 years, at Malofiej20. Serra is set to speak Saturday about his experience for an audience of information design students and professionals. He will also be giving a workshop untitled “Infographics can’t be Art, but Art can be Infographic“.

(image: INFOLIDE)


Jaime Serra is joined by other  important figures  of the Brazilian editorial and information design scene to help accomplishing what the organization expects to be the best event of its kind in the country, and even perhaps in South America . Formerly known as LIDE, the name change translates the continuing growth and success of the past five editions,  and reflects a new moment, one in which information design takes its rightful place as the center theme of the event.

For Mário Kanno, one of the names behind INFOLIDE (together with Renata Steffen, Daniele Doneda, Kleber Bonjoan, Laura Salaberry and Alexandre Lucas), this growth is no surprise, and it’s perfectly visible for those who read Brazilian magazines and newspapers. “Brazil’s editorial design is among the best in the world, and contrarily to what we see in other countries, it’s expanding.”, he said in a recent interview to Visual Loop Brasil (in Portuguese). Mario, who works as an Assistant-Editor at Folha de S. Paulo‘s Art Department, is the creator of the Infographic Exhibit, another one of the highlights of the event.

According to him, year after year “we’ve noticed a clear evolution not only in the aesthetics of the works submitted to the exhibit  but specially in their journalistic quality”. And the number of approved works for the 2012 Infographic Exhibit was just released: more than 300 infographics will be displayed during the three days, a record.

While we wait for the INFOLIDE to begin, we decided to share 20 of the infographics featured in the 2011 exhibit  They came from 20 different magazines and newspapers  and this is just a small portion of what you can find in the Flick Gallery Mário created just for last year’s works. A must-see, if you like to see more examples of Brazilian Infographic design.

Obamômetro | Folha de S.Paulo

(infographic: Bruno Santos, Silvana Arantes | Folha de S.Paulo)

A conquista do Complexo do Alemão | O Globo

(infographic: Alvim e Fernando Alvarus | O Globo)

Como e onde se medem as chuvas | A Notícia

(infographic: Fábio Abreu e Rogério Kreidlow | A Notícia)

O Estádio-padrão da FIFA | Almanaque Abril

(infographic: Fábio Bosquê, Danuê Falcão, Fábio Volpe e Mário Kanno | Almanaque Abril)

Via Dutra 60 anos | Brasil Econômico

(infographic: Anderson Cattai | Brasil Econômico)

Jogo do Pelé | Extra

(infographic: Vinicius Mitchell | Extra)

As pedras do caminho | Galileu

(infographic: Maná E.D.I, Denise Dalla Colletta, Tiago Mali, Fábio Dias | Galileu)

Guga: Retrospectiva | O Lance

(infographic: Luiz Mendroni, Henrique Assale, Paulo Roberto Conde | O Lance)

Guerra Fria nas estrelas | Editora Moderna

(infographic: William Taciro, Daniela Máximo, Tathiane Gerbovic e Alex Affonso | Editora Moderna)

Cidades Verdes | O Dia

(infographic: Gustavo Moore | O Dia)

Educação na praça de alimentação dos shoppings | Diário de S. Paulo

(infographic: Daniela Fontinele, Giovanni Tinti, Jean Forrer, Pedro Ewbank e Robson Mathias | Diário de S. Paulo)

Yuri Gagarin | Portal R7

(infographic: Nelson Rico, Guilherme Batista, André Sartorelli | Portal R7)

As festas de Berlusconi | Playboy

(infographic: Luiz Iria, Marcelo Garcia, Alexandre Jubran e Aluísio C. Santos | Playboy)

O jogo do azar do Autoritarismo| Zero Hora

(infographic: Diogo Fatturi, Gilmar Fraga,Fernando Gonda e Paulo Zarif | Zero Hora)

Como se instala uma Unidade de Polícia Pacificadora | Veja Rio

(infographic: Vanessa Reys, Marta Teixeira, Daniel Hessel, Patrick Moraes | Veja Rio)

A nova casa de Harry Potter | Viagem e Turismo

(infographic: Priscilla Boffo, Daniel Rosini, Julia Gouveia | Viagem e Turismo)

Petróleo | Atualidades Vestibular

(infographic:Fábio Bosquê,Danuê Falcão,Paulo Zocchi, Paulo Montoia e Multi SP | Atualidades Vestibular)

Raio X das plásticas | SuperInteressante

(infographic: Emiliano Urbin, Adriano Sambugaro, Gisele Hirata, Luiz Iria e Sattu | SuperInteressante)

Cronologia visual da Copa 2010 | Estado de S.Paulo

(infographic: Fabio Sales, Eduardo Asta e Tcha-Tcho | Estado de S.Paulo)

Games | A Tarde

(infographic: Breno Fernandes, Inara Negrão, Gil Maciel, Flávia Marinho | A Tarde)

As you can see, there’s a plurality of styles and techniques, no doubt partially caused by the different audiences each publication aims to reach. But that also shows the talent and versatility many infographic designers from Brazil must have to be successful in their careers.

Soon we hope to show some of the hundreds of works to be presented at the 2012 Infographic Exihibit.


Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.