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Visualoop acquired by

Oh, and by the way, we also have a new site.

December 3, 2014

You’ve read it right!

Together with this upgraded version of both our websites, today we are happy to announce that Visualoop has became part of, one of the world’s leading infographic platforms.

Below you can read the full press release with the more details about the deal, and as far as our new redesign goes, feel free to let us know what you think, or if you find any bugs.

And thanks for the support thus far!

December 3, Riga. –, the company behind the popular infographic creator, has acquired Visualoop, one of the leading data visualisation news sites from Brazil. The website covers infographics and data visualisation in English and Portuguese languages.

“Our ambition is the make Visualoop the leading data visualisation blog in the World,” says Uldis Leiterts, co-founder and CEO of “It would strengthen our presence in Brazil, it would also support the social mission of to educate and raise the overall interest in data visualization” Along with acquisition reveals a Portuguese version it’s web-based infographic creator.

The is already available in English and Japanese languages.

Editorial independence pledges to maintain complete editorial independence of Visualoop. Tiago Veloso, the founder of Visualoop, will continue to be in charge of the editorial content along with newly created editorial board that includes Alberto Cairo, Mariana Santos and Santiago Ortiz. The content strategy will be sole responsibility of the editorial board, will have no say on any stories published. “We trust in strong, editorially independent media,” tells Uldis Leiterts.

“Cooperation with Infogram will take Visualoop to the next level,” says Tiago Veloso: “The new website design that we unveiled today is just the first step in that direction, and I’m looking forward to see all the ideas and projects that we’ve been discussing and working on come to real.”

Alberto Cairo, professor at University of Miami, editorial board member at Visualoop:

“So far, what I give my students is a huge list of varied resources that many of them find a bit overwhelming. So a website that collects the best graphics, articles about good practices, and interviews out there is a great idea.”

Mariana Santos, JSK Knight Fellow at Stanford University, editorial board member at Visualoop:

“I’m passioned about visual storytelling around data, and I believe the tools provided by Infogram can really help journalists gain more freedom and power to tell their stories making great use of data, serving it to audiences in a very intuitive way. Visualoop has been making an extraordinary reporting on this topic, and I am so happy I can be part of its future.”

About Visualoop

Visualoop is a digital environment dedicated to all things data visualization related. Launched in 2010 and completely revamped in 2012, Visualoop is comprised today of two websites, one in English and the other in Portuguese. Based in Brazil, Visualoop managed to amount an high-end audience of journalists, editors, educators and students of fields such as design, arts history, journalism, computer sciences and marketing.

Visualoop was acquired in cash and stock deal and plans to invest in the website to assure it’s leading position in data visualization news coverage.

About Infogram is a web-based infographics creator. It is used by over 1.5 million journalists, activists, communication professionals, teachers, students and other individuals worldwide, including The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Amnesty International.

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Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.