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Good reads before attending Malofiej23

A few articles to inspire you for the upcoming Infographic Summit

March 17, 2015

This is Visual Journalism Malofiej22 featured

A couple of years ago, Alberto Cairo wrote that the best description he has ever heard of what Malofiej represents to the infographics community is that “this is the place where you learn to be humble again”.

Most of those that had the privilege of attending this event have no doubt to state that it is an unique experience. If you’re involved in visual journalism, you simply have to go at least once to Pamplona.

This year, it’s no different, with a unique panel of speakers for the Conference and a huge amount of expectation regarding the winners of the “Pulitzer of infographics”. This year’s jury is having quite the hard time going through the 808 entries submitted to competition in the categories of printed infographics and the 458 submitted to competition in the online categories. According to the organization, the entries come from 150 media located in 32 countries all over the five continents.

If you are attending Malofiej 23, we separated a list of articles that will open your “appetite”; and if are not, we hope this post will show you – like if that was still needed – why you should going one of the upcoming editions.

Andy Kirk was one of the speakers/jury at Malofiej20, and here he shares his experiences of what he called, at the time, the best week of his professional life. The 20th edition of the event was a particularly active one, with the selection of the most influential infographic and infographic designer – both honors went to Jaime Serra. Andy also talked extensively about this events in Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner‘s podcast, Data Stories, so don’t miss that one as well.

One of the several posts Jen Christiansen, the graphics editor at Scientific American magaziner, has written about her experience in several editions of Malofiej. The first one, in 2011, is about the “Show, don’t tell workshop”, held every year by Alberto Cairo, Geoff McGhee, Juan Velasco and John Grimwade.

Also about Malofiej 20, Robert Kosara shares his impressions on the amazing results achieved by The New York Times in that year’s awards – if you missed these, here are the jury’s comments, shared over at the SND’s website. For Robert, despite the undeniable talent and resources at the Times’ disposal, many of the things the Times did right could be implemented by other media as well. Moreover, Robert was ” convinced that The New York Times could easily be beaten by a group of programmer-journalists who spend a week researching tools available for their work.” Maybe this year.

More Malofiej 20, and more New York Times, this time with Bryan Christie sharing his experience as a jury of one of the most controversial awarding sessions in the event’s history. “When the golds were announced the audience didn’t seem particularly thrilled”, he wrote. And adds: “We got some heated and pointed comments. Apparently this is the standard refrain because the NYT and Nat Geo win most of the golds.We need to inspire the community. And if two publications are consistently winning the golds I feel something is a little off.”

One of the 50 great data viz articles of 2014 would sound just like a rant precisely against the 2013 Malofiej ‘Peter Sullivan Award’ for printed graphics winning piece, the New York Times’ “State gun laws enacted in Year since Newtown”. But Gert K Nielsen raised a few interesting points (10 actually) about that decision. Nielsen has written several articles, throughout time, about Malofiej, definitively worth checking out.

Instead of writing about last year’s golds medals, Robert Simmon, who at the time was working at NASA’s Earth Observatory, listed some of his favorite silver and bronze winners. We interviewed Robert not so long ago, and more recently we also published a visual breakdown of the Malofiej22 winners, made by our friend Marco Vergotti.

More Malofiej

Of course, this is just a small sample of what you can find out there about the 22 past editions of Malofiej. First of all, the guest posts that the juries publish every year. You can browse through them over at the event’s blog

Another place to check is the Malofiej category at the Society of News Design website. Reviews of works, interviews, and lots of interesting commentary in most of those articles.

And finally, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest boards with most of the winning infographics of Malofiej 21 and 22.

Stay tuned for more Malofiej in the upcoming days.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.