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15 of the great works submitted

Event gathered more than 1,000 students from 150 universities in 30 countries

November 12, 2012

Two days of intense data visualization work inspired by a competition that involved more than 1,000 design and computer science students from 150 universities in 30 countries. The 2012 Visualizing Global Marathon finished yesterday, but the ramifications of the event will be felt for quite sometime, especially for those who managed to participate either in person or virtually.

(image: 2012 Visualizing Global Marathon |

With the participation and help of top-level professionals like  Ben Hosken, Scott Murray, Moritz StefanerRichard Saul Wurman, Alberto Cairo, Santiago OrtizMahir Yavuz and Kim Rees, the team put together an event that, ultimately, proves how global data visualization can be. Congratulations to all the people as well as to all the institutions that partnered with the Global Marathon. You can see the list of all these meetup partners and other details  here.

While we wait for the final announcement about the winners (the juries will take a few days at least to evaluate all the works), we picked some of the visualizations submitted to the’s Gallery. The teams of students had three themes to choose from: Disease Alerts, Global Flights Network and The U.S. Presidential Election in Social Media.

And here’s a sample of the result:

Flights traffic through cities over the five continents

(By stenuitj, Samuel Buccheri, Kevin Marion, corbelc)

Connection Between Leading Economies and Growing Economies

(By HTM, aelzamly, shelliemiqbel, Tian Wu)

2012 U.S. Election Discourse on Twitter

(By Yixuan Zhang, VIZMIND, hanton, xiaonongfan)

Diseaster – the social network for trending diseases

(By airmonkey, Rahman Kalfane, coraliesabin, Guillaume Faure)

Flying to the Moon

(By Simon Rochard, Lola Charpentier, antoinebardet, lecerf.marc)

Skies Underground

(By Giulp)

US Map of Most Frequent Disease Alerts | Aug-Oct 2012

(By bernardo.schorr, mariapaula.saba, shilpanbhagat)

The Feeling of a Nation

(By Cristina Palamini, chiara andreossi)

Cure the world

(By hyekyung)

International Relations

(By Anke Stohlmann, Willa Tracosas)

Foreign Domestics

(By Till Nagel)

Its a small world afterall!

(By Lochana, Rajesh, shruti nilegaonkar)

Infectious Trends

(By Nicki Dlugash, blakericky, Qian Li)

The 8 most frequent diseases of the past 91 days

(By Krisztina Szucs)

How the economy influences flights network in 2012?

(By Igor Vac, Veronica Pontes, Laura Fernandes Lugo, Enrique Trevelin)


Explore more submitted works on – these we brought here are just a small sample, there are a lot of good stuff worth seeing there. And keep up with updates on Twitter, using the hashtag #vizmarathon.


Links: – 2012 Visualizing Global Marathon

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.