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Visualizing the Crowd

We're living a 'data visualization bubble' that favors the aesthetics.

March 27, 2013

Visual data beyond aesthetics, graphics to understand Big Data, digital cartography, interactivity to visualize relationships, maps outside geography. In this column I’ll be sharing my research in these domains, my work and data visualization related projects.


Geotagged world, infográfico por Eric Fischer
The Geotaggers’ World Atlas #1: New York, by Eric Fischer


I believe, in a certain sense, that we’re living a ‘data visualization bubble’, one that tends to favor more the aesthetics than the content itself. Aesthetics alone doesn’t help in the understanding of all the complex systems that characterize our world.

The focus here on Visual Crowd will be the collective, the crowd. I’ll be sharing thoughts on Open Data visualization, but also the data created by Internet users in their digital lifestyle. Real time and network mapping will have a special place here, basically because I think network visualization is, indeed, the 21st century cartography.

And that’s something I look forward to share with all of you, and engage in what I hope will be an exciting conversation.

See you soon!

Written by Bernardo Gutierrez

Bernardo Gutiérrez is a journalist, author and consultant . He is the founder of the global innovation network, based in São Paulo, Brazil. His reseerch is focused on hybrid environments, open data, hacktivism and digital media. On Twitter @bernardosampa and @futura_media.