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This is Visual Journalism [131]

The work of graphics desks in some of the top newsrooms in the world

November 5, 2015

With more than 20 infographics from a dozen or so publications, including several of some of the world’s top newspapers, this compilation is equally diverse in terms of topics and subjects. Opening the “inspirational overdose”, a small sample of what we have in our data visualization and infographic gallery.

Despite the fact that some of the works presented below are not quite current, or recently published, it’s great to see our archive grow not only with the latest projects, but also with some older ones.

Hope you enjoy it!

ISON Comet | Quo magazine


Both faces | South China Morning Post


Ferreyra residential palace | La Voz del Interior


King Pele: 75 years | La Razón de Mexico


The most devastating bomb | La Industria


Hermanos Rodriguez race track is ready | La Razón de México


TTP: the largest free trade zone in the world | Diário Económico


Goal Coordinates | Képes Sport


Inside The Big Bang Theory apartments | Mundo Estranho


And here are all the other infographics we separated for you:

Methods used by thieves | El Periódico

(image: El Periódico)


The sign war | Mariano Zafra | GQ

(image: GQ)


Ten years of The World Keeps Turning | Pepijn Barnard | NRC Handelsblad

(image: NRC Handelsblad)


The future that never was | Alan Jürgens, Clara Penín, Raúl Camañas | La Vanguardia

(image: La Vanguardia)


Dress up your furry friend | Chelsea Kleven | The Villages Daily Sun

(image: The Villages Daily Sun)


Prices in Europe | Berliner Morgenpost

(image: Berliner Morgenpost)


Asteroid 2015 TB145 | Memo Chávez | La Nación

(image: La Nación)


Covers by the numbers | Entertainment Weekly

(image: Entertainment Weekly)


The final resting place in the colony | Esteban Josué Arreola Pérez | Prensa Libre

(image: Prensa Libre)


The influence of James on Real Madrid | Marca

(image: Marca)


The numbers of Cristiano Ronaldo | La Razón

(image: La Razón)


Rugby World Cup 2015 | Sport / Blesk

(image: Sport / Blesk)


007 Spectre | Josue Isassi | Periódico AM Querétaro

(image: Periódico AM Querétaro)


Web of Interests | Carlos A. Tovar | The Wall Street Journal

(image: The Wall Street Journal)



We’ll return next week with more infographics, but until then you can access our archive with some of the best pieces of visual journalism produced in the past decade.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.