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Revisiting the work of Marco Hernandez

Infographic design and data visualization from Costa Rica

November 17, 2015
(Revisiting the infographic work of Marco Hernández)

Back in April, 2014, we presented the work of Marco Hernández, Senior Infographic Designer at Costa Rica’s award winning newspaper La Nación. And just after we launched our new gallery for visual journalists, information designers, map makers and academic researchers, we noticed Marco’s updates, with soime very interesting stuff. So we thought it would be interesting to catch up with him and see what he’s been up since mid last year.
At La Nación, he continues to work mostly in special projects, in a close collaboration with the Data department. “But I also have to cover and develop infographics for the rest of the newsroom sections”, he promptly told us.
“I spend my time between the newsroom, the universities classrooms and around personal data projects as personal hobbies. In the University of Science and Arts of Costa Rica, I have almost three years as a information design lecturer. There, I work with young designers in projects of data and visual graphics fundamentals. “
“I have the pleasure to publishing some works of them in small cycles of four months in my site ( or in visual744 [a three friends blog about art, data and graphics]”
As for the interest in infographics in Costa Rica, Marco said “it’s growing fast, I have been in almost all state universities and many private schools giving workshops and inductions in infographics and data visualizations. It’s great to know many students of journalism, design, arts and communication in general, wants to get in the world of infographics.”

“Some times, i want to work in some projects just for fun, not for a news publication or an academic exercise, just because i love the way in which you can take a deep and complicated topics and turn it in to visual integrations with stories and messages and experience the pleasure of seeing the birth chart can tell you these things in a more effective way. These are the cases of the earthquakes visualizations and the Land Rover Project, and many others archived or still in progress.”
“I think if you are involved in this world of visuals as I am , all you need to get success is passion for data.”

And here are the works Marco shared with us.

The birthday of a century | La Nación

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic The birthday of a century
(infographics, interaction: Marco Hernández; Editor: Hassel Fallas; graphics: Pablo Robles; TI agent: Poleltte Brenes; Illustration: Agusto Ramírez; Data engineer: Daryl Zúñiga | La Nacion)


Seismic activity | Ovsicori – Universidad Nacional


V8 Car racers in Viva park | La Nación


Defining the future | La Nación


Transfers – The 2015 Soccer Summer Tournament | La Nación


75th anniversary of the National Symphonic Orchestra | La Nación


Technology the leading actor | La Nación


Gaudi and La Sagrada Familia | Su Casa

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Gaudi and La Sagrada Familia
(Edition and interaction: Marco Hernández; Graphics: Daniel Solano | Su Casa)


Hypertension | La Nación


The Land Rover evolution | BNN – Tokio


Brazuca | Al Dia

Partial screen capture of the interactive infographic Brazuca
(Graphics and interaction: Marco Hernández;
graphics: Daniel Solano | Al Día)


Marco also shares a couple of motion graphics he was involved in recently.

Tank MarkV | La Nación

Publisher: La Nación – WWI special site | Graphics, research, motion: Marco Hernández |Motion: Edgar Jiménez

The role of FUNDES in Latin America | FUNDES

Publisher: FUNDES – special site | Motion: Marco Hernández | Graphics: Daniel Solano, Jessenia Araya

A look at the future | La Nación

Publisher: La Nación – The birth of a century – special site | Graphics, data analysis, motion: Marco Hernández |Data analysis and locution: Hassel Fallas | Locution: Ernesto Romero.


You can see these and other works in detail over at Marco’s Visualoop page.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.