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Portfolio of the Week – Sabina Castagnaviz

Almost twenty years producing infographics at a high level

January 18, 2016
(photo: Sabina Castagnaviz)

It’s always great when we have the chance to feature a female designer in this section, usually dominated by the opposite gender, and it is so even more when we’re talking about someone who’s been doing infographics at a high-level for almost 20 years.

That’s what Milan-based infographic designer Sabina Castagnaviz has been doing, mostly at her current job in the Corriere della Sera, one of Italy’s most notorious publishers when it comes to visual journalism. Sabina shared some of her work and a bit of her story with us:

“I went to an Arts High School in Milan and I attended a series of professional couses in Advertising Graphics. In 1994, when I was only 21, I started to work in a studio where exclusive infographic work was created for the two most important newspapers in Italy: Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello Sport.”

“I worked there for about four years, learning this wonderful job. In 1998 I was hired by RCS Corriere della Sera in the infographic department, where, after 18 years, I still work. I like my job because every day I can use my creativity to make more and better «Infographics».”

“I also love painting with oil on canvas, this is a big passion, and decorating. I’m passionate about decor in all its forms.”

And here are the works Sabina sent us:

Guide to visiting EXPO

This is a map in which you can find all type of information about Expo in Milan | Sabina Castagnaviz, Marcello Valoncini, Nicolas Vargas

Jubilee of Mercy | Corriere della Sera

(In the Catholic Church, the Jubilee (or Holy Year) it is the period during which the Pope grants the plenary indulgence to the faithful who come to Rome and making particular religious practices
| Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera)

Technological Innovation | Corriere della Sera

There is a correlation between investments in research and development, culture of innovation and growth of gross domestic product. Italy, however, fatigue to maintain high standards when compared to those of other European countries | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

Routes of immigrants in Europe | Corriere della Sera

This infographic show how many immigrants has crossed the eastern Europe to get to the northern Countries and compare arrivals between Italy and Greece | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

Family businesses | Corriere della Sera

Examine family businesses with a turnover of more than 20 million € | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

The routes of spices | Corriere della Sera

The places of origin of spices for centuries have been identified with the Indies or «Spice Islands». In particular, the Banda islands and part of the Moluccas, an archipelago of ten islands where nutmeg grows naturally only achieved by the Portuguese in 1511. The full exploration of the globe went just by the search for these tiny islands using the following routes | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

The marine catches in the world | Corriere della Sera

A summary on tons of fish are caught each year, the ranking of the top 25 producing Countries and the fish most at risk | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

The types of wine | Corriere della Sera

The ten new varieties resistant diseases and their main characteristics | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

The ecological day | Corriere della Sera

Here is how many liters of water and how many square meters of agricultural land are used to produce the following products and and the difference between a day ecological and no ecological | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

Where and how much sells the Italian “home system” | Corriere della Sera

The performance of the macro-Wood Furniture | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

Chicory | Corriere della Sera

The term PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) indicates
a mark of origin assigned to those agricultural products from the EU
and food of a given geographical area. Those who produce IGP must adhere to strict production rules set out in the product specification | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

The different types of “urban gardens” | Corriere della Sera

Seven ways to grow plants and vegetables in an original way | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

Farming in Italy | Corriere della Sera

Manufacturing sectors, the use agricultural land and enterprises and related agricultural area in use | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

The numbers of foreign tourism | Corriere della Sera

Arrivals, the ranking and the number of days that tourists spend in Italy | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera

The flight AstroSamantha | Corriere della Sera

Samantha Cristoforetti, Italian astronaut of ESA (European Space Agency) reaches the International Space Station (ISS) for the mission “FUTURE”. It will be the first Italian woman to fly in space | Sabina Castagnaviz for Corriere della Sera


For more of Sabina’s work, visit her Behance profile. And we’ll return next week with another featured portfolio.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.