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What's Really Happening, by Janelle Hall

An informational graphic poster describing a typical female college student lifestyle

March 8, 2016

[This is a guest post by Janelle Hall*, about her infographic project “What’s Really Happening”]



“What’s Really Happening” is an informational graphic poster describing a typical female college student lifestyle. The intent is to show the reasons and meanings behind different behavioral characteristics on a day to day basis, connecting the audience to compare their own everyday life with Janelle’s week.

The chart covers a time line of a week between Tuesday, January 28th and Monday February 4th, 2014. It includes a sleep schedule, places traveled, time spent with different people, hygiene, food and drink consumption, television programs, and other weekly activities that effect ones emotions.

The info graph makes all types of comparisons such as busy school days, lazy weekends and spending nights out. For example Friday was a lazy day, the whole day was spend at home and almost half of it consisted of sleeping much like Saturday and Sunday. The emotions aren’t as steep as they are Thursday and Saturday night when I was out and about. And by looking at the breaks in the chart, and the gray bus pieces, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the most traveled. You can gather how much time I spend in front of a television, with friends or sleeping.

On the other hand, it makes comparisons on a much more personal level pertaining to things that may affect my emotions. You can what kind of person I am just by the high and low points. The graph shows that I usually am pretty content throughout my week, no matter what I’m doing. The things that really bring me down are getting into fights with someone who I once considered a significant other while other low points may seem less important you can also gather that they may be affected by the time of day or amount of alcohol consumption. On the other hand some high points may also be under the influence but where they are not the slopes may last longer depending where I am who I am with or what I am doing. For instance on Friday Saturday and Sunday during the day my good feelings are highly influenced by food, friends, games, and television.

Ideally the target audience was for people who lead similar lives. Particularly those who find it hard to maintain a regular sleeping and eating pattern, and those who are obsessed with soup. Possibly college students who may be interested in things to do while spending weekends at school, or are curious to see what kind of classes an art student takes, or how much time a college student sleeps. They could be interested in college parties, or what people do for a hangover day, or what kinds of television a college girl watches. Someone interested in the amount of walking or other travel that is necessary on a daily basis for students. Or even another graphic designer like myself looking for a different way to design and appreciate the organization of information


The graph is split up by each day, starting on Tuesday moving down until Monday. The vertical line represent the hours in each day. The breaks between colors in the graph compare the amount of time spent in certain places as well as time traveled. The horizontal lines featured throughout a particular day show the amount of time spent with specific friends. Other horizontally stretched boxes may be labeled and stretch to represent the amount of time they consumed such as sleep (navy), television programs or movies (pine), and hygiene (sky blue).


The highest emotion on a day to day basis is wildly happy, the lowest emotion is very upset while in somewhere in the middle is moderately content. These are represented by two horizontal lines on each day of the week. Where the colored pieces come up to meet the top line are moments where I am happiest. Where it slopes down to the bottom are moments I’m feeling upset. The graph shows how activities, places, people, foods, or time can effect daily emotions.


The week took place while attending classes at Umass Dartmouth.All the places on the graph are located in or around the area as follows:

– Maroon: CVPA (Center for Visual and Performing Arts)
– Orange: the New Bedford Star Store
– Peach: Umass Dartmouth Library
– Tan: CCB (Charlton College of Business)
– Periwinkle: Route 6 Locations such as A.C. Moore and other stores
– Purple: New Bedford Bars
– Light Blue: Umass Dartmouth Gymnasium
– Teal: Home (my on campus dormitory)
– Green: The Cedar Dell (upper classmen housing)
– Lime: Willow (upper classmen apartment)
– Grey: Umass Loop Bus


The fun part of this project was listing specific activities, events, chores, and consumptions that I felt were important to record because they reflected a reason for any change. The white dots will show exactly what and when I was consuming something, whether it was a snack with a movie, breakfast on the go, or drinks during a night out. Other labels are shown in areas of slopes, peaks and valleys throughout the day, explaining the events leading up to change.

(image: Final Full Poster | Janelle Hall)
(image: Sketching the Ideas Process Work | Janelle Hall)
(image: Exploring Different Methods | Janelle Hall)
(image: Final Full Poster | Janelle Hall)
(image: Whats Really Happening – Close Up | Janelle Hall)
(image: Sunday Vs. Monday Comparison Close Up | Janelle Hall)
(image: Emotional Peaks and Valley Influences | Janelle Hall)
(image: Detailed Close Up | Janelle Hall)
(image: Close Up Tuesday-Friday Events | Janelle Hall)


*Janelle Hall is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts of Graphic Design. As a designer, she obsessively pays impressive attention to fine details, both digitally and in hand craft. Covering a large variety of media; drawing, charcoal, water color, collage, and digital painting, her style remains undefined for the better of having fewer limitations. Besides biking, sailing and swimming, Janelle is a free spirit who enjoys the occasional face stuffing, warm weather activities, wacky dance moves, exaggerated impressions, and pant-wetting laughter. She’ll never strike down a strange conversation, an outrageous dream, or a really bad joke because she is only full of them. She is not afraid to be silly self, and when given the opportunity, it shines in her work. For more of her work, visit her Behance profile.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.