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The Brandlift Game

Agency developed their own HTML5 arcade game to introduce themselves

September 13, 2016

[This is a guest post by the team at Brandlift, a digital agency located in Budapest, Hungary, about their interactive game/presentation “The Brandlift Game“.]



Level 1 – Introduction

Not so long ago, a small but eager team in the sunny hills of Budapest collaborating with their Los Angeles, CA office peers decided to develop their very own game. The reason was so obvious: we got sick and tired of presenting the same company presentation for the 999th time (with the same jokes: SEO not CEO, hahahaha – right?). We wanted to find a playful alternative of getting some spotlights to ourselves and creating buzz. So we thought it was high time to go down on Creative Lane!

Brandlift is a small fifteen-member digital agency with several international and Forbes-listed clients. Our team decided to step up our game and play it on a larger scale: instead of sending out neverending PPTs or slides with zooms in&out, we created a Game starring our very own, unique real-life characters.

Brandlift Game Map:

(image: Brandit)
(image: Brandit)

Level 2 – Story and gameplay

Brandlift Game is a simple, precise, fun universe that evokes the atmosphere of the arcade games. The story starts with a digital storm which shatters the universe of Brandlift and all the colleagues suddenly lose each other. Your mission is to reunite the team by unlocking them one by one through various adventures before The BIG Monday presentation arrives.

Of course, tons of Easter eggs, challenges and mini games have been hidden all around and are waiting for the players to find them. :)


(image: Brandit)
(image: Brandit)

Besides fun, more importantly, Brandlift Game delivers the business history and the portfolio of the agency as well. Wandering through the mini games you get to know the key clients with case studies, history and expertise.

In fact, we have before our eyes an out-of-the-box solution for a potential kickoff chemistry meeting. It presents the agency in an innovative way: you get to know the colleagues, get a peek into the key competences and get a picture of the most important projects and references in an engaging and entertaining way.

An Easter egg:

(image: Brandit)
(image: Brandit)

Another Easter egg:

(image: Brandit)
(image: Brandit)

Level 3 – Why it’s worth playing

“We really believe that a signature visual appearance and the custom-created world is quite the key for brand value and recognition. But no brand works truly well if it doesn’t create engagement – that’s why we took a leap of faith, and dedicated our free time for our own game, which we thought of as something really disruptive.” – said Adam Jankovits, co-founder of Brandlift.

(image: Adam and his game in the game | Brandit)
(image: Adam and his game in the game | Brandit)

So instead of dull company presentations, just choose your character and discover Brandlift‘s hand-made universe. You can be a Social Media Guru who catches all the Likes out there, collect leads as a SEO expert or jump over all the hurdles that represent PM deadlines. It’s up to you!

Meanwhile, the game itself is a creative self-introduction and probably the World’s first HTML5 agency arcade game. Voilá, an interactive brand experience in the shape of a game! Have no fear, if you have 5 minutes just try it out on your desktop!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.