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#AChartADay, by The Visual Agency

A fictitious chart everyday to explore the different possibilities of data visualization

October 20, 2016

[This is a guest post by the folks at The Visual Agency, about their ongoing project #AChartADay – Charts for art’s sake]



Everyday we create a fictitious chart for fun, just to explore the different possibilities of data visualization and play with graphical representation.

Video presentation of #AChartADay.

On September the 1st we launched #AChartADay on our Instagram account. The project is a graphic exploration of the world of data visualization and infographic through charts and graphs, the very language of data and information visualization!

#AChartADay is a daily updated feed that shows, through bold and clear design, both the classic and the less usual graphic solutions; introducing the main issues people can face while choosing or designing a chart while suggesting tips to present information in an effective way.

(image: The Visual Agency’s Instagram account)
(The Visual Agency’s Instagram account)

How it started:

The idea behind #achartaday was born during our monthly team meeting. While presenting international case histories we started talking about having a playful and easy side-project to develop alongside clients’ works.

We came up with the idea of a single graph everyday; a fresh image that can be colorful, neat but not ordinary to experiment with.

That team meeting

The challenge

The biggest challenge was to build a consistent feed and keep up with the production of bold images while trying different graphical style and not repeating ourselves.

In order to do this we adopted different techniques like vector art, papercraft, CGI, photography, while alternating different kinds of data representation.

Behind the scene during a shooting of a papercraft chart

We define an editorial plan to outline important events or anniversaries and create custom contents for dates like national coffee day, world space day, etc.

#AChartADay 034 – World space week



About The Visual Agency

The Visual Agency is an Italian agency of data visualization and infographics. We help our clients to understand and communicate their data, information and content. You can follow us on Instagram: , see our works on our website or discuss with us on Twitter

The Visual Agency team
Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.