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Country: Portugal

City of residence: Lisbon


  • 2009 - 2015

    i newspaper


Carlos Monteiro is an Infographics and illustration freelance. Previous infographics editor at "i" newspaper

Carlos Monteiro is part of the team responsible for the success of ‘i’, a Portuguese newspaper that was elected the most well designed in 2010 by the SND. He works as an infographic editor there since 2009, having won several Malofiej awards during his career.

He has a degree in Visual Design from the Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing (IADE) in Lisbon. It was at the 24horas newspaper that his career started, exactly one month before the 09/11 attacks. According to Carlos, the experience of being inside a newsroom when that event took place was essential to fully understand the importance of infographics. Even if not contributing directly a lot, due to his inexperience, the lesson he took from that time guides him until today: Information design is one of the hardest and at the same time, gratifying works in the news industry.