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About Visualoop

In a nutshell, Visualoop is a digital environment dedicated to all things data visualization related. We try to bring together experts from fields such as information design, cartography or visual journalism, with students and others interested in expanding their knowledge about data visualization.

Founded in early 2010 as a Tumblr blog, the first major update came in 2012, with the launch Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil – the sister website that covers the dynamic visualization scene in Brazil and Portugal. And now, two years later, another important milestone, with the acquisition by (read the full announcement here).

One of the key points that made possible the deal between Visualoop and was the guaranteed editorial independence, without which the value of Visualoop both as a web property and as a qualitative reference in the field would radically drop.

To assure that this independence is maintained, we created the Visualoop editorial board – a group of respectable professionals that exceed in their respective fields, with strong academic and operational background, and an understanding of the visual literacy challenges at a global scale.

This last point is, in fact, the core mission of the whole editorial policy, here on Visualoop. On a daily basis we try to motivate, inspire, and aid in any way possible those who are seeking a deeper understanding of what data visualization can – and can’t – do for their organizations. For example, we think that by showcasing, side-by-side, the most well-know information designers and practitioners with young talented students, eager to develop their skills and without question motivated by sharing the same digital space that those professionals.

But the most exciting of it all is not the round ups of resources, infographics and visualizations, or the portfolios, guest posts and interviews. The most amazing thing is the understanding of how much is yet to be done, to be explored, in the field of visualization. Scientific communication, data journalism, cartography, business analytics, open data – there are so many areas of interest and application, alongside all the researchers and academic institutions pushing the boundaries of the field. More blogs, more books, more courses, more events…

This is why we believe the conversations around visualization should be cross-disciplinary, with each fresh perspective adding a new layer of clarity, new visions on what could – or should – lie ahead.

And we believe our editorial board reflects that multidisciplinary approach. Currently, the Visualoop Editorial Board is formed by the following professionals:


Alberto Cairo teaches visualization, infographics and data journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami. He’s also director of the Visualization Program of UM’s Center for Computational Science. Cairo is the author of The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization, and has been infographics director of several publications in Spain and Brazil. He has consulted with companies and taught in more than twenty countries.


Mariana Santos is currently a JSK Knight Fellow at Stanford University and she is Director of interactive and animation at Fusion, a venture between Disney/ABC and Univision. Santos helped create The Guardian’s first interactive team and inspired by her mentor, Alastair Dant, she decided that there should be more mentoring by tech-savvy journalists to pass their experience on and motivate others to do disruptive visual storytelling in news. After 3 years as the designer on The Guardian’s interactive team, Santos received a fellowship with the International Center for Journalists to launch Chicas Poderosas to encourage and train female journalists in Latin America.


Santiago Ortiz is an infoviz researcher and inventor. He uses his background in mathematics and complexity sciences to push the boundaries of information visualization and data-based storytelling – you can explore his research at A frequent presence in most of the top data visualization related events, he now works as a consultant, helping organisations with the analysis and communication strategy of their information, and he specializes in networks, conversations and knowledge.


The founder and Editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil, Chairman of the Editorial Board; Born in Portugal, Tiago is currently based in Brazil, where he spent the last decade working as an independent digital marketing consultant for small and medium organizations, before dedicating himself full-time to Visualoop. You can reach him on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.


So, now that you know a bit more about us, feel free to join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and the other social media channels we’re at. And if you have any suggestions for content related to data visualization cartography, data journalism, just drop us a message using the contact form on the sidebar.

Thanks for dropping by!

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