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BOJ’s battle with deflation

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  • Title: BOJ’s battle with deflation
  • Language: English
  • Simon Scarr (Design)
  • Jin Wu (Design)
  • Neil Fullick (Design)
  • Weiyi Cai (Design)
  • Jeremy Wagstaff (Design)
  • Jessica Wang (Design)

The Bank of Japan has led Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s effort to stimulate the world’s third-biggest economy, but its often innovative steps have yet to end decades of falling prices and feeble growth.

To help explain what it all means, the graphics team produced an animated guide to the often bewildering world of QQE, YYC and other tricks of the BOJ trade.

The project was conceptualised after the BOJ introduced Yield Curve Control in late September. A number of brainstorming and fact finding sessions with colleagues in Japan and editors in Singapore helped us straighten out the mechanics of the monetary policy so we could start to storyboard a draft script. After weeks of polishing the story we settled on a final storyboard and began to draw up the illustrations. The animation was then put together in Adobe After Effects along with the narration.

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