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Drinking water quality

Cosa c'è nell'acqua oltre all'acqua

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  • Title: Drinking water quality
  • Language: English
  • Stefania Guerra (Design)
  • Michela Lazzaroni (Design)

The visualization explores the elements contained in a glass of drinking water (above) and then drills down to each of the 20 Italian county seats (below).
On top, the three glasses show the 38 elements that are regulated by law: in grey are the legal thresholds, color-coded the real quantities contained in the water. The 13 colors represent the most common elements between those published by the county seats’ water managers (but Catanzaro, whose data wasn’t available).
At the bottom, the details of the 20 county seats: the circumference represents the legal threshold (no standard for calcium, magnesium and potassium). The length of the ray is the value of the element; in particular the one that is linked to the light blue square is the Total Dissolved Solids (measure of mass of residues left when evaporating a liter of water). In the square part are represented: the pH (numeric scale used to specify the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution), the conductivity (ability to conduct electricity through water: the more concentration of ions the higher the conductivity) and hardness (content of calcium and magnesium’s salts).

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