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The Dutch Top 2000 Songs

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  • Title: The Dutch Top 2000 Songs
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  • Nadieh Bremer (Design)

This visualization is a bit data heavy and it might take about 10 seconds to load, sorry

From Christmas day to 23:59 on New Year’s Eve the radio is on 24/7 listening to the Top 2000, which is an annual radio show of the Dutch station NPO Radio 2. It was first aired in 1999. During the week before the new year the 2000 most popular songs ever are played. This top 2000 is determined by internet votes of the listeners in the weeks prior to Christmas

While listening I became curious about the distribution of these 2000 songs according to their year of release. When I couldn’t find anything on the website of Radio 2 itself, I came up with the idea of creating a histogram myself that looks a bit like an equalizer

Getting the equalizer to work was actually relatively easy. Most time went into creating the interactive parts, the year slider, the tooltip and the search box

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