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Translating worlds

Tradurre mondi, non parole

  • 1383
  • Title: Translating worlds
  • Language: Italian
  • Federica Fragapane (Full infographic)
  • Francesco Majno (Full infographic)

Artwork for Visual Data, the column on “La Lettura”, the cultural supplement on the Sunday edition of “Corriere Della Sera”.
The visualization shows the influence of major world languages. The first 30 languages by number of translated books have been selected. The languages are ordered on x-axis by GDP per capita and on y-axis by total population speaking the language. GDP has been calculated using the data referring to the population speaking the language. Per each language are displayed: number of books translated from the language, number of books translated to the language, connection between the language and the main translation.


A project by Federica Fragapane and Francesco Majno

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