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Country: Spain

City of residence: Barcelona


Assistant Chief-Editor of La Vanguardia newspaper

Elected by his peers as the most influential infographic designer in the last 20 years, at Malofiej20, Jaime Serra's contribution to the field of visual journalism has been praised all over the world.

During his career, he has assisted newspapers and magazines such as The Intependent ; National Geographic Magazine ; Corriere Della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, Gazzeta dello Sport, La Stampa; Editora Abril, Folha de Sao Paulo; El Periódico de Catalunya, Grupo Vocento, Tele 5, El Mundo Deportivo ; Clarín, La Nación, La Voz del Interior, Olé ; El Comercio, La República ; Diario de Noticias, Jornal de Noticias , just to quote some.

But Jaime is also a multidisciplinary artist, a self-taught creative machine that has only one simple rule: do it all. Experiment, try, reinvent, challenge yourself. Learn by doing it. Learning is the ultimate reward.

Obviously, Art and Journalism are two very distinct things, and Jaime was kind enough to share his thoughts with us about both worlds.